Our client, a world leader in the cosmetics industry, wants to improve the full cost of making its products available in Latin America. KEPLER offers to set up a Based Costing activity to improve warehouse storage and modeling operations. 


  • A regional network design for the Latin & Central America zone which has been in place for two years 

  • Increasing Supply Chain costs generated by this new organization (+1.5 points in 1 year) 

  • A 64,000m² regional warehouse dedicated to the local market (Mexico) and serving the national platforms in the area 

  • Reception operations (350,000 pallets / year), storage (65,000 positions – including 30% broken down in detail) and preparation (~ 600 pallets / day) which supply the local market and export 


Category: Improve Responsiveness and Secure Availability 

  • Improving regional warehousing operations

The methodology deployed allowed the objectivation of performance comparisons, between zones, distinguishing local factors
Lysiane Bessonnet, Director, Supply Chain Practice Leader
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