Our client, a leading company in the field of cosmetics, wants to optimize the efficiency of its businesses and open new fields of innovation. KEPLER offers its client to accelerate the digital transformation of its Research and Development.


  • High expectations from Top Management on AI to stimulate innovation and the transformation of R&D, but a high level of challenge to develop and deploy robust and sustainable solutions beyond proof of concept (POC)
  • Numerous digitization projects in the various R&D entities with a lack of consistency and coordination leading to limited ambition
  • A lack of alignment between R&D entities on the most relevant use cases to be addressed and the associated POC to be launched as a priority
  • Teams who “don’t speak exactly the same language”: business teams with a field-oriented vision vs. data scientists focused on algorithm performance. It leads to a potential lack of alignment with operational issues associated


  • Leverage R&D data to optimize business efficiency

  • Generate new fields of innovation

It is necessary to manage resistance to change by promoting the development of teams’ skills, by facilitating communication between the various departments and by promoting deployment initial successes. Indeed, it is the support of all the employees in the digital transformation project that is a decisive factor for success.
Mathieu Pailler, Director, Innovation Practice Leader
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