Our client, a Home Care health services provider, wants to strengthen its logistics. KEPLER offers to implement a logistics strategy that will improve its responsiveness and network on the domestic market. 


  • A team of 240 nurses organized in a network of 37 agencies in France 
  • Home care service that coordinates the delivery of medical equipment and the planning of care by nurses on the following needs: infusion, artificial nutrition, insulin therapy, or respiratory support 
  • A base of 10,000 patients, some of whom are chronic (~ 50%), suffering from acute illnesses, with unpredictable care needs 
  • Local stock in each of the agencies to respond to urgent care needs within 3 hours 
  • A logistics flow is managed diffusely in the agency, and which prevents nurses from concentrating on their priority missions 


Category: Improve Responsiveness and Secure Availability 

  • Defining the logistics strategy of the network

The thinking carried out on target organization diagram allowed to professionalize the logistics profession and ensure it by all staff (including nursing staff). By working on the visibility and the simplification of logistics flows, it was possible to reallocate the time saved on care and interfaces with patients.
Lysiane Bessonnet, Director, Supply Chain Practice Leader
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