Our client, a tier 1 automotive supplier, wants to better prioritize its R&D projects in order to concentrate resources on projects with higher added value and maximize its new products time-to-market. KEPLER automotive industry consulting firm offers to rationalize its project management and project portfolio thanks to PPM methods and tools, to gain visibility and align the teams around common criteria accepted by all.


  • A lack of visibility on the portfolios of individual R&D projects of each business entity within the group
  • Unsystematic detection of joint R&D projects at group level
  • Prioritization issues and budgetary decisions not always objective
  • Uncontrolled deadlines and budgets on R&D projects


Category: Increasing the ROI of R&I

  • Streamline the management of R&D projects and portfolios

To successfully deploy a PPM system, it is important to take the time to define and converge the common functional needs in relation to the specific needs of each Business Line and the expected results at each level of the company (from management to operational).
Audrey Berthomieu, Manager
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