In a rapidly changing market and a context of fluctuating energy prices, a manufacturer of highly technical equipments wants to speed up time-to-market of its innovations. KEPLER offers a Lean Engineering approach meant to optimize the entire process of developing new solutions, accelerating schedules and reducing development costs.


A manufacturer of highly technical equipment for the medical and industrial sectors faces several risks:

  • A rapidly changing market
  • A fluctuation in energy prices
  • A growing competition


Category: Accelerating Time-To-Market

Accelerate time-to-market and profitability of major engineering and procurement projects, thanks to a Lean Engineering approach:

  • increasing the efficiency of the different sales acquisition workflows, the upstream technical design and innovation, the detailed development, the procurement and delivery
  • optimizing interactions between each workflow and every contibuting team (sales department, research, design office, procurement, logistics, manufacturing, construction, etc..)
Whether in complex industries or in the world of start-ups, Lean approaches are acclaimed for their ability to quickly and comprehensively optimize the design and development processes of R&D teams. In this specific case, our client was able to reduce by 15 to 30% the time required to achieve the different workflows on the critical path of the project.
Mathieu Pailler, Director, Innovation Practice Leader
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