A manufacturer of highly technical equipment for the medical and industrial world faces several risk factors:

  • A rapidly changing market
  • A fluctuation in energy prices
  • Growing competition


Accelerate the Time-To-Market of R&D projects thanks to a Lean Engineering type approach making it possible to:

  • Increase the efficiency of the development process
  • Optimize the management of transfers from Research to Industrialization

The levers for achieving the objective perceived by KEPLER:

  • Digitalization opportunities
  • Multiple optimization potentials:
    • Cost
    • Quality
    • Deadlines
    • Sales (success rate)
  • Improving working conditions by identifying and addressing the root causes of frustrations

Methodological Approach

Step 1: Top-Down Approach

  • Workflow macro objectives and savings ambition (schedule and hours)
  • Matrix of constraints between disciplines & workflows


Step 2: Bottom-Up Workflow Approach: Lean Sprints

  • Bundle of Kaizens (improvement solutions) and direct implementation on projects (as far as possible depending on current projects and level of progress)
  • Improved workflow and defined savings targets


Step 3: Push & Pull Approaches

  • Workshops to push Kaizens into T&L mode
  • Workshops to attract Kaizens to mobilize projects


  • VSM carried out on 9 Disciplines / Macro phases
  • 210 kaizens
  • Estimated savings:
    • 100 Khrs / year
    • 3000 K € / year
    • 1.5 months TTM (calendar)


Duration of the assignment: 12 months





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