In a sector strongly impacted by the emergence of new competitors and differentiating customers experience, our client wants to assess the relevance of a home delivery model in the case of a disruptive launch. KEPLER offers to support this strategic reflection through a quantitative analysis and a qualitative approach in order to determine the relevant recommendations. 


  • The transformation of the cosmetics industry as well as the emergence of new brands offering different consumer experiences are leading historical players to reinvent their approach to innovation by strengthening breakthrough innovation 

  • The company needs to analyze the home delivery market in addition to its retail network, in particular to secure the launch of some very innovative products


Category: Inventing the Business of Tomorrow

  • Addressing new market opportunities 

  • Understanding the door-to-door business model 

  • Assessing the relevance of door-to-door sales to secure the launch of highly innovative products 

  • Estimating the market potential (cosmetic industry and others) 

  • Measuring the impact and the risks associated with setting up this delivery network in addition to the existing company’s network 

The home delivery model offers many opportunities to support the launch of a new disruptive product on the market. This opportunities analysis must be followed by a strategic study to assess the potential and offer a relevant positioning for the target customers.
Anne-Sophie Villard, Senior Consultant

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