CSR Diagnosis Offer
Insight 28 May. 2024

CSR Diagnosis Offer

Identifying the CSR action priorities to be implemented in order to achieve a level of CSR performance that anticipates the expectations of your stakeholders: customers, investors, public authorities, etc.

A structured approach for a controlled project duration

  • Targeted interviews, based on an evaluation grid specific to your business sector
  • Measurement of your company’s CSR maturity level based on social, environmental, societal and governance criteria
  • Workshops to co-construct a CSR action plan based on the key priorities identified in the diagnosis

Operational Outputs

  • An objective assessment of the maturity of the company’s CSR policy
  • A CSR action plan to address the priorities identified in the diagnosis
  • A suggested system for managing CSR actions within the company
KEPLER’s diagnosis and support have enabled us to make progress on our CSR policy and carbon approach. 

We have obtained a recognized CSR label, and our service offering includes this dimension.
Vincent Houot, Managing Director of Houot Agencement
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