K2: Strategic Partnership between Inekto and KEPLER to maximize AI Integration in business operations and development models
News Stories, Statement 16 May. 2024

K2: Strategic Partnership between Inekto and KEPLER to maximize AI Integration in business operations and development models

KEPLER, a French multi-specialist consulting firm renowned for its expertise in end-to-end optimization, and Inekto, a specialist in developing technological solutions in AI, Cybersecurity, and digital solutions, are proud to announce the launch of K2, a joint initiative aimed at assisting their clients in integrating Artificial Intelligence into their business operations and development strategies.

K2: A Direct Response to Market Needs

In response to the rapidly evolving technologies and the increasing concerns among business leaders on how to leverage them, K2 positions itself as the solution to explore digital and AI opportunities, realize tailored business solutions for additional and tangible business outcomes.

This promise aligns perfectly with the value proposition of each partner: to support companies end-to-end, from customer needs to satisfaction, through the mobilization of combined expertise and experienced consultants.

By combining deep industry knowledge with advanced technological expertise, K2 focuses on the following two main areas:

  1. Optimization of existing operations: Supporting a client in a specific industry to define, develop, and implement a digital/data/AI solution to enhance the efficiency and performance of this industry
  2. Creation of new business models: Guiding a client from strategic planning to the implementation of a new business

This includes incorporating a digital component and leveraging expertise across various areas such as Innovation, R&D, Operations, Supply Chain, Procurement, Sales & Marketing, and Human Resources.

This fortified alliance enables us to further enhance our client support. Together with Inekto, we now have the ability to swiftly and effectively address our clients' most complex challenges through seamless integration of our expertise
Lionel Muller, President - KEPLER

K2: a ‘power of 2’ synergy to leverage opportunities offered by AI

AI and data are compelling CEOs and business unit leaders of companies, from SMEs to large corporations, to reconsider or even rethink their value proposition.

Our clients seek partners who not only understand their industry and their business but are also capable of demonstrating the impact of AI on their activities. With K2, we provide this assurance
Lucas Delcros, Co-founder - Inekto

K2, the chosen name to embody this strategic partnership, refers to the second highest summit in the world.”

It effectively illustrates the path that companies must take to set new horizons for development and reach these ‘new heights’ made possible by technological advancements offered by AI.

A partnership born from a shared vision and shared values. The collaboration between

KEPLER and Inekto is not recent. It originated from past successful projects and is now solidifying around shared values: expertise, agility, results-driven focus, and pragmatism. K2 therefore represents a new milestone in the strengthened collaboration between these two entities, with the common ambition of continually improving client service.


KEPLER is a French multi-specialist consulting firm in End to End performance.
The firm is organized by market with a multidisciplinary approach to meet sectoral specificities.

For more than 15 years, KEPLER has boasted a unique “End to End” support approach (from the client’s needs to the client’s satisfaction) combining strategic vision and operational implementation. It operates on 6 practices that work with each other: Supply Chain, procurement, Operations, Innovation, Marketing & Sales and People.

Founded in 2007, the KEPLER firm today employs about 90 persons spread across 4 offices (Paris, Chennai, Shanghai, Chicago), and a network of partners in more than 15 countries.

KEPLER operates mainly in the industrial sectors (automotive, railway, aeronautics, consumer goods), agri-food, energy, health, pharmaceutical-cosmetic, luxury and retailing.

With its results-oriented field approach, the KEPLER firm handles the issues of large, an mid-sized, French and Anglo-Saxon companies and investment funds.

KEPLER is ranked among the best consulting firms in the world in the FORBES 2023 Ranking, for the 2nd consecutive year.

Inekto, company founded in 2019 by two students from the Ecole Polytechnique, is a development agency specializing in AI. The company is comprised of the top French experts in AI, blockchain, and cybersecurity. Its approach is distinguished by the application of effective methods that allow for the development of solutions within a few weeks, billing according to the specifications. They have notably worked on reporting the availability of ICU beds during Covid-19, detecting suspicious boat trajectories for the French Ministry of the Armed Forces, and deploying a translation application for train drivers of SNCF Réseau.

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