KEPLER launches collaborative Eco-Design initiative in partnership with Maobi, French Fab, and Centrale Lyon
News Stories, Statement 20 Jun. 2024

KEPLER launches collaborative Eco-Design initiative in partnership with Maobi, French Fab, and Centrale Lyon

With only 9% of global materials being reused and increasingly stringent European environmental regulations, business practices will need to evolve.

While the obligation to eco-design previously affected a limited number of categories – a list of electronic and electrical equipment, building products, and fossil fuel vehicles, in the near future these constraints will impact all manufactured products: it is therefore urgent to adopt eco-design practices."

In light of this, several stakeholders committed to eco-design themes have joined forces around the consulting firm KEPLER to launch an innovative approach centered on two main objectives:

  • Sharing practices related to eco-design
  • Launching an eco-design barometer to assess the level of adoption and maturity of organizations in eco-design and identify best practices

"The Agora of Eco-Design"

This collective initiative, led by KEPLER, French Fab, Maobi, and Centrale Lyon, is organized around “The Agora of Eco-Design,” a collaborative LinkedIn group aiming to bring together experts, companies, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations to exchange ideas, share best practices, resources, and promote sustainable innovation.

"Eco-design is no longer an option but a necessity. Through this collective initiative, we aim to highlight all the initiatives and concrete projects that accelerate innovation in companies. We are convinced that fostering eco-design initiatives is a way for companies, SMEs, ETIs, or large groups to sustainably and positively transform their business model"
Mathieu Pailler, Director - KEPLER

This collaboration of experts in innovation and eco-design is enhanced by the involvement of Centrale Lyon students, who actively participated in market benchmarking and the design of materials.
“The commitment of the new generation in these projects is crucial to ensuring a sustainable future,” emphasizes Olivier Dessombz, a teacher-researcher at Centrale Lyon, responsible for “Eco Design and Innovation” teaching.

The Eco-Design Barometer

Simultaneously, the collective has developed an eco-design barometer, the results of which will be shared in October 2024, providing insights into trends and practices in the field.
Its theme: “How to successfully implement eco-design within companies to evolve towards a regenerative business?”

At Maobi, we are convinced that collaboration, knowledge sharing, and especially practical solutions to overcome obstacles, are key to systematically deploying eco-design within organizations
Marion Laprée, Co-founder - Maobi

This barometer is structured into 2 chapters:

  • Eco-design at the heart of the business
  • Eco-design in the external ecosystem of the business (consumers, suppliers, partners…)

The intention of this approach is indeed to engage in reflection on the redesign of business models and the trajectory towards becoming a regenerative enterprise.


KEPLER is a French consulting firm, specializing in End-to-End performance across multiple disciplines.

The firm is organized by market with a multidisciplinary approach to meet sector-specific needs.

For over 15 years, KEPLER has championed a unique “End to End” support approach (from client need to satisfaction) that combines strategic vision and operational implementation. It operates across six practices that work interdependently: Supply Chain, Procurement, Operations, Innovation, Marketing & Sales, and People.

Founded in 2007, KEPLER today has nearly 90 employees distributed across four offices (Paris, Chennai, Shanghai, Chicago), and a network of partners in more than 15 countries.

KEPLER primarily serves the industrial sectors (automotive, railway, aerospace, consumer goods), agribusiness, energy, healthcare, pharma-cosmetics, luxury, and distribution.

With its results-oriented on-the-ground approach, KEPLER addresses the challenges of major French and Anglo-Saxon corporations, as well as mid-sized companies and investment funds.

In 2024, KEPLER signed a strategic partnership with Inekto, a development agency specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI), comprised of the best French experts in AI, blockchain, and cybersecurity.

KEPLER is ranked among the top consulting firms worldwide in the 2023 FORBES ranking, for the second consecutive year.


MAOBI is an agency dedicated to responsible innovation.
Its mission: to catalyze the transformation of companies from CSR strategy to the eco-design of products and services.
Its support is structured around the following issues:

  • CSR: Double Materiality, CSRD, Mission-Led Company, Brand Social Responsibility (BSR)
  • ECO-DESIGN: Life Cycle Analysis, multi-sector eco-design approach, and decarbonization of products and services, self-labels or eco-scores, environmental communication
  • CIRCULAR AND IMPACT INNOVATION: consumer studies, eco-design thinking processes, new circular offers and business models, open innovation programs, and industry coalition programs

Our specialty: a unique hybridization of expertise in Marketing, Eco-design, and Innovation.
More information at:

About Centrale Lyon

Founded in 1857, Centrale Lyon is among the top 10 engineering schools in France.

It educates over 3,000 students from 50 different nationalities on its campuses in Lyon-Écully and SaintÉtienne (ENISE, internal school), offering programs in general engineering, specialty engineering, bachelors, masters, and doctoral studies.

Alongside the Groupe des Écoles Centrale, it boasts three international campuses.

The education provided benefits from the excellence of the research conducted in six CNRS labeled laboratories on its campuses, two international laboratories, six international research networks, and ten joint laboratories with companies. Its high-quality research and teaching enable it to establish dual degree agreements with prestigious universities and cutting-edge partnerships with numerous companies.

Focused on the themes of moderation, energy, environment, and decarbonization, Centrale Lyon aims to address the challenges faced by socio-economic actors during major transitions.

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