• A wide variety of project typologies, ranging from low TRL technologies to products with an established Business Plan.
    • This variety generates a need to be able to compare technological projects with each other on the main value drivers and the definition of criteria and processes to facilitate the selection of projects.


  • Establish a prioritization of projects and technologies upstream allowing budgets to be allocated transparently.
  • Implement robust R&D project and portfolio management supported by a dedicated digital solution.

Methodological Approach

  • Identification and qualification of the main qualitative criteria
    Identification and description of FoM (Figure of Merit), the main determinant of the value of an R&T project and characterizing the performance of a technology compared to its alternatives
  • Design of a robust method of project scoring based on the main FoM and POC and implementation of the score in order to:
    • Compare projects with different TRL, FoM and qualitative strengths and weaknesses
    • Compare “soft-oriented” and “hard-oriented” projects
    • Take into account the origin of funding (R&T, Programs, Agencies, Industrial Partners) and the logics of partnerships
  • Test of the tool on several real technologies with project leaders
  • Work with the Design & Costing cell to assess key cost data with a cost breakdown structure approach vs. product breakdown structure
  • Drafting of a guidelines document aimed at describing the costing process, key terms and training in the use of the tool


  • Design of a tool to assess the potential of technologies over time
  • Design and costing guidelines to clarify cost segmentation based on TRL level


Duration of the assignment: 12 months



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