Our client, a French leader in the retail banking industry, wants to overhaul its branch concept. KEPLER offers to implement a new customer space concept following the mapping, design and optimization of the customer’s experience and needs.


In a context of reconquest in a very competitive sector, the bank wants to modernize its network of aging branches in order to:

  • Offer the maximum of local services
  • Modernize its image with customers and prospects
  • Stand out from its competitors


Category: Magnifying Customer Experience 

  • Defining precisely the different uses expected and projected by customers and prospects (beyond architectural concept at first) 

  • Defining the essentials (common core) and the complements/variants (according to the potential for conquest, the branches size, the existing expertise, the existing markets, the other uses)

The initial idea was really to transform the bank branch with a “customer-dedicated space” that could be adapted to different routes and uses. Also, instead of optimizing or modernizing an existing one, we started from scratch to accommodate all expectations as diverse as more security at the ATM, the opening of the space (transparency) or the modular uses of the place based on an urbanization of different needs. The result and the customer feedback lived up to expectations beyond the superb implementation of the concept by the architect.
Thierry Fouilland, Partner, Sales & MarketingPractice Leader

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