Shopper Scan: Optimize Retail Space Utilization by enhancing the “Customer” and “Sales Team” Experience
Offer 27 Feb. 2024

Shopper Scan: Optimize Retail Space Utilization by enhancing the “Customer” and “Sales Team” Experience

The “Shopper Scan” offer from KEPLER provides Sales and Operations Directors with a tangible solution to energize the sales space.

By relying on precise analysis and on-site observations, our consultants offer you realistic and immediate recommendations to enhance the commercial performance of your network.

Our Findings

Customer flow, signage, point-of-sale advertising, team atmosphere, posture of staff & managers, customer journey and feedback, evaluation of shelf out-of-stocks, space optimization, customer reviews on social networks, etc.: all are factors that have an immediate impact on customer perception, employee engagement, and ultimately the commercial performance of a retail outlet.

Our Approach

Through visiting a sample of stores and based on detailed analysis, we identify 360° optimization levers to positively transform the shopping experience.

Our recommendations are pragmatic, aimed at quick and effective implementation. These solutions can then be easily deployed across your entire network to multiply results.

A swift and cost-effective process!

Our Expertise

Our expertise in the Retail sector empowers us to provide comprehensive strategic and operational consulting to enhance your retail environment sustainably.

By engaging your in-store teams effectively, we ensure measurable improvements in performance and efficiency

To learn more about how “Shopper Scan” can revitalize your sales spaces, contact our teams.

KEPLER'S Sales & Marketing Referents

The in-store Shopper Scan observation often reveals optimization opportunities that can be directly applied by our clients. This immersive approach is highly valuable for capturing insights that can refine sales and marketing strategies.

By integrating the client's vision and the perspective of operational teams in-store, we work not only on process improvement but also on the "hinges" between actors interacting in the customer journey.

It is often there that optimization levers, which the external "mirror perspective” can reveal, are hidden.
Cécile Nadal, Director

To learn more about how "Shopper Scan" can revitalize your stores, contact our teams

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