Data Scan: transform your data into growth drivers
Approach 15 May. 2024

Data Scan: transform your data into growth drivers

In a world where data is ubiquitous, analyzing and exploiting it is becoming a major competitive advantage.

The KEPLER Data Scan offer is designed to reveal the opportunities hidden in your sales, customer and commercial data, enabling to identify the levers for increasing sales and profitability.

What we found

In our work, we have identified three major challenges for companies:

  • Legibility of information: due to the overlapping of different reference systems, the large volume of data and the necessary reprocessing
  • Leveraging hidden data: many organizations possess untapped “data gems” able to transform their business model
  • Optimizing operational efficiency: reveal your “winning models” and your underperformance pockets through a “business and field” oriented presentation of data

Our approach

Our Data Scan offer is designed to provide a pragmatic and effective solution to your challenges through a structured and proven process:

We integrate your sales and customer data into our data mining and BI tools to extract meaningful insights

A workshop with your teams to align data analysis with your business objectives and development priorities

A presentation of the interim and final analyses, with concrete recommendations for implementing the growth levers identified

Our expertise

To support Sales and Marketing departments in their data-related operational challenges, we mobilize the combined skills of our Sales & Marketing teams with the expertise of our Digital, Data, and IS experts.

This unique approach enables us to be efficient and relevant in our approach to our customers.

  • Data and business expertise: our team is composed of data scientists and expert business analysts, able to identify the challenges specific to your sector of activity
  • Advanced technology: our analytical tools offer significant computing power and intuitive data visualizations, for in-depth understanding and informed decision-making
  • Results orientation: at KEPLER, we are resolutely driven by the culture of results and the operational impact of our missions

With this approach, KEPLER confirms its commitment to being the partner of choice for its customers who want to fully leverage their data.

Why choose KEPLER Data Scan?

  • A turnkey solution: from data integration to concrete recommendations, with a minimum of your staff’s involvement
  • Immediate ROI: growth or optimization levers that can be activated quickly for a direct, measurable return on investment
  • KEPLER’s recognized expertise in customer support

To learn more about the Data Scan offer and start your data-driven transformation, contact us

Our Data Scan offer

Our Sales & Marketing advisors

With the Data Scan solution, our customers appreciate the fact that they can finally get out of Excel, and have access to superior resources for extracting value from data to serve the business.
Thierry Fouilland, Partner

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