Co-transformation by KEPLER, when exception becomes the rule
Statement 24 Jun. 2022

Co-transformation by KEPLER, when exception becomes the rule

Covid, the war in Ukraine, the return of inflation, rising interest rates, labor shortages, raw material and energy costs, supply issues… every day seems to bring new crises, and uncertainties and has done so for many years.

Crisis or Crises? The new norm

To this situation are added disruptions linked to new technologies and AI, challenging our ways of working and even thinking. Finally, the unusual becomes our daily life, and the exception becomes a rule, in the sense of a habitual state. Individuals and businesses lose their bearings. This constant need for adaptability is highly destabilizing and a source of stress and tension.  The result is a substantial challenge of creating stability on shifting ground, which amounts to redefining a solid basis upon reassuring and mobilizing ground values. The need for benchmarks and actual compasses became vital for every company. The return of notions like Humanism, and Sustainability, in a single word: Meaning, should appropriately materialize for the teams‘ daily lives.

Transformation within the crisis, a KEPLER expertise

Small changes, without vision, are no longer sufficient to be adapted to the current situation, a continuous transformation is necessary with a need to fill, without delay, the gap between today’s situation and an ambitious target. Co-transformation aims to bring organizations more flexibility, agility, and adaptability while being complex to implement as it must rely on fundamentals that are not always perfectly mastered across the teams:

  • Having a clear and shared vision, a robust innovation strategy, and an ambitious Business Plan based on “ground realities”, both internally and upon real customer needs
  • Knowing perfectly its (internal and external) end-to-end value chain and the associated costs (OPEX, CAPEX) in a complete cost logic with good visibility of their evolution over time (following a life cycle logic) to ensure proper decision-making and sustainability of the solutions deployed
  • Being open and contemplating the environment, societal changes, and the business ecosystem
  • Streamlining multi-business interfaces, identifying all irritants, and root causes of non-performance and dealing with them following a continuous improvement process by adopting agile approaches
  • Identifying operational risks and criticality, building the associated SWOT, and identifying the measures to implement to ensure the success of the transformation plan and the Business Plan
  • Guaranteeing managerial transformation

A co-constructed success

A sustainable transformation plan, guaranteeing the achievement of ambitious objectives, based on five essential dimensions (5S model):

  1. Meaning
  2. Strategy
  3. Structure
  4. Systems
  5. Social (people, change management)

… eventually leading to having an impact on the evolution of the corporate culture. Inertia on a single one of these dimensions puts the entire transformation process at risk.

Finally, the current critical and permanent situation can be a source of real opportunities… It is still necessary to lead a robust co-transformation plan that involves all stakeholders in the dynamics of change.
Lionel Muller, President

KEPLER supports its customers in their transformation plans:

  • Business expertise
    • Innovation, Procurement, Supply Chain, Operations and Sales, and Marketing
  • Expertise in facilitation & brainstorming on transformation with the CODIRs
    • Both in construction and in long-term support with a robust PMO
    • With the ability to mobilize an ecosystem of experts to accelerate the transformation and mobilize teams
    • An ability to act as a bridge between General Management and operational teams
  • Strong sector expertise
    • On challenges, developments, and transformation plans
    • Main covered sectors: industry (cosmetics, automotive, rail, aeronautics, consumer goods), agri-food, energy, health, banking, luxury, and distribution
  • An ability to adapt to any specific context of our clients
    • Agility, curiosity, cross-fertilization, humility…
    • Robust methodology & tailor-made device
  • Transversal know-how to guarantee the success of transformations
    • Social and Environmental Responsibility
    • IS for business and digital
    • Data & Advanced analytics
    • Change management and managerial transformation

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