Context & Stakes

In a Context of Geopolitical Uncertainties and Changes in the Behavior of Millennials, the Luxury Sector is Embarking on Sustainable Transformations:

  • Quest for intimacy between brands and their customers who are looking for individualized experiences around personalized products,
  • Ever higher expectations in terms of innovation and creation,
  • Requirement of transparency on environmental procedures and supply chains,
  • Need to rethink distribution models and the role of stores with a more domestic and less touristy clientele,
  • Establishment of the highest quality standards while aiming for industrial excellence and the sustainability of know-how.

Value Proposition

Support the Deployment of New Distribution Models:

  • Adapt industrial schemes and storage policies,
  • Exploit data and rely on AI to obtain global visibility on the Supply Chain and propose alternative scenarios in a situation of deviation (variability of demand, of quality, etc.),
  • Engage subcontractors and suppliers in progress plans.

Optimize Innovation and Product Development Processes to Reduce Time to Market:

  • Strengthen the capitalization of technical and financial information,
  • Industrialize and standardize classic models to better animate them,
  • Develop differentiated product development processes according to the ranges.

Strengthen the Control of Supply Chains:

  • Identify and qualify the carriers of innovations,
  • Qualify the sectors according to CSR ambitions,
  • Organize and manage monitoring and security actions.

Luxury Goods Consulting Client References

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Luxury Goods Consulting Services by Kepler

Kepler is a consulting firm with a focus on Innovation, Purchasing, Supply Chain and Operations functions, specialized in the luxury goods sector. The Kepler consulting teams support major luxury houses in the deployment of new distribution models, the strengthening of their innovation and product development processes and greater control of their supply chains, particularly in the context of Sustainable Purchasing. Kepler Luxury Goods Consulting Firm has its offices in United States(U.S), France(HQ), China and India.