A Dual Approach: Digital Business Transformation & Digital Boosters

In terms of Digital, KEPLER’s goal is to optimize business processes with the new capabilities offered by digital tools, AI and new technologies.


Business Digital Transformation

  • Complete coverage of customer expectations, from the master plan to the implementation of the chosen solution, including the analysis of solutions according to customer criteria
  • Proven business expertise in our 4 areas of excellence
  • An approach focused on the business user and change management

KEPLER Digital Boosters

  • Challenges and ROI proven in real conditions
  • A selection of solutions aimed at accelerating the most sensitive processes
  • Accelerated and controlled implementation of solutions
  • KEPLER experts throughout the solution lifecycle

Business Digital Transformation With AI and Machine Learning

KEPLER supports its clients in identifying opportunities with high added value, directly taking into account users and use cases. The firm also helps define the architectures, design the Proof-of-Concept and support implementation till the final production stage.

One Goal, Three Challenges:

KEPLER’s goal is to define and industrialize what is needed in terms of AI with solutions perfectly suited to the operational needs of organizations.


Be Pragmatic

  • Create value from AI appears in the data as organizational
  • Align the business with the issues and the processes
  • Identify internal skills to develop and technologies to adopt (Make or Buy)

Manage Risks

  • Leverage AI to proactively drive
  • Mitigate the risk of misalignment between business and operations in a context of rapidly changing market and complexity of your Value Chain​

Explore the Opportunities

  • Generate income and earnings opportunities through AI all along your value chain
  • Leverage digital AI opportunities to strengthen your differentiation



A "Turnkey Digital" Solution


Business Expertise

  • Our detailed sectorial and functional knowledge allows us to quickly address business issues, understand the processes, their interfaces and translate the issues

Data-Science Expertise

  • This expertise allows us to offer you solutions that meet your exact Digital needs by applying robust algorithms.

Master Data Management

  • This expertise allows us to support you in the industrial deployment of solutions by integrating into your information systems.

Other KEPLER transversal skills

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