Development Challenge : Secure Growth

Your Challenge : Identify and Execute External Acquisitions

Acquiring new companies is at the heart of our clients’ growth strategies in order to gain new markets, access new technologies or capture greater market shares. Whether it is a start-up or a large corporation, assessing the growth potential and operational risk is a crucial part of validating the solidity of the business plan. After “closing”, the integration plan must be executed in a robust manner so as to meet the set goals.

Our Solution : Perform Operational Due Diligence for the Target Company and Support the Execution of Your Integration plan

Our “flash performance diagnostic” solution is specially designed to assess the target companies during the due diligence phase on the basis of performance challenges and on the robustness of their investment plan. We regularly work on clean room processes in the assessment of procurement synergies. After “closing”, we actively support our clients in making gains and integrating organizations.


Your Challenge : Accelerate Innovation

Capturing the right innovation and manage to bring the product to the market at the right time, at the right price and with a good industrial plan. In order to meet this challenge, companies today must thoroughly rethink their operating modes. Internally, they need to nurture innovation culture and reinforce cooperation across functions. Externally, they have to develop a structured environment of trust with their partners.

Our Solution : Build a Robust Innovation Process With Our Partners

We optimize innovation processes in order to acquire greater agility and robustness by implementing a greater cross functional synchronization. Defining the cooperation framework with external partners is at the heart of our efforts: How to choose them? Which process for creating and choosing innovations? Which governance to monitor innovations? How to create a true ecosystem?


Your Challenge : Develop Successful International Markets

Developing international markets, including emerging markets, is the first growth lever for many industries. In this context, securing operations and ensuring competitiveness is a key element for success in order to penetrate markets where obstacles are real. Choose the right strategy for implantation (localization, local integration, etc.), then develop a base of local competitive suppliers capable of absorbing the growth. These are two crucial steps for success abroad.

Our Solution : Create Your Global Industrial Implementation Strategy; Build and Develop Your Supplier Base

Our “Macro Study” tool makes it possible to model different scenarios for industrial implantation, anticipating various factors for competitiveness, the maturity of markets and risks. Once this step is complete, we support our clients in qualifying a base of suppliers that will enable them to reach their goals for local integration with an efficient supply-chain. Finally, we secure the system by implementing lean actions or quality inspections, with our clients and suppliers.

Savings Challenge : Increase Competitiveness

Your Challenge : Optimize the Profit/Loss Statement and the Working Capital Requirements

Optimizing operational profit margin and cash flow are determining factors for increasing the value of companies. Thus, the ongoing quest for increased operational performance is at the heart of the challenges our clients face. Paradoxically, the increasingly global and complex environment generates many opportunities for optimization. One needs to know how to seize the opportunities and bring the various businesses together in order to implement them.

Our Solution : Build and Deploy a Targeted Performance Plan

We identify the challenges related to operations efficiency, procurement and the Supply Chain and we mobilize our clients’ teams to take on a robust, ambitious and pragmatic performance plan. We support the implementation of initiatives with a strong operational support in order to reach the goals. We promote the cross functional cooperation, which is a strong source of performance. We implement management systems and drive the necessary change management in order to achieve lasting results.


Your Challenge : Make Capital Investments Profitable

Making profitable capital investments is one of the main requirements of the Executive Board. Optimizing investments and maximizing their use are powerful factors.

Our Solution : Design Products to Cost and Implement a Continuous Improvement Culture to Master the Business Processes

We develop functional analysis approaches on both products and capital equipment in order to design and invest “just as needed”. Implementing a lean production system makes it possible to optimize available production capacities in order to improve productivity and flexibility in the industrial facilities. Finally, we implement the continuous improvement dynamic that will guarantee a permanent increase in performance through a greater control over the processes.

Efficiency Challenge : Regain Agility

Your Challenge : Implement and Realize Your Corporate Strategy

Translating the corporate strategic objectives in the various departments is key to giving meaning to these actions and to making sure they remain pertinent to Executive Board priorities. This functional roadmap must therefore be reviewed and revised periodically, constantly adjusting to fit new corporate challenges.

Our Solution : Incorporate the Strategic Objectives in a Business Plan and Develop Your Roadmap

Our expertise lies in our ability to develop a medium and long-term roadmap that meets the specific functional goals and contributes to your corporate strategy. This closely monitored practice sets the target objectives, the action priorities and transforms them into a pragmatic operational action plan. It is a decisive tool for communication and commitment with your teams, but it is also aimed at your internal clients and Executive Board.


Your Challenge : Adapt the Organization to Meet New Business Challenges

Changing context or corporate strategy demands that you challenge the organization in place. It is essential to adapt your organization to corporate challenges to insure the strategic plan can be implemented and goals can be reached. In an increasingly global environment, ones must keep the ability to react at a regional level, it makes sense to optimize the roles and processes for more agile and efficient operations.

Our Solution : Optimize Your Organization and Drive Performance

Our approach to organizations is structured around 4 axes.

  1. Create your strategic vision to determine what challenges your organization must face
  2. Redefine the roles and responsibilities, build and measure the organizational structure
  3. Elaborate the key processes related to the new organization
  4. Build a plan for change and deploy it (training, communication…)


Your Challenge : Shorten Product Time-to-Market

Accelerating the introduction of new products to the market while improving cost control and quality is a key differentiator. In an environment that is changing at a faster pace and is increasingly international, companies must react quickly and demonstrate flexibility. They must redefine their processes and management systems in order to be perfectly aligned with customer demands.

Our Solution : Simplify and Standardize Your Key Processes (Lean Approach)

We specialize in redefining the end-to-end process for product development by adopting a Lean approach. We eliminate the non-value adding tasks, we promote standardization and we develop flexibility around these processes. We precisely redefine the contribution and synchronization of the various functions in order to make processes smoother and to make the validation milestones more robust.

Reliability Challenge : Mobilize People

Your Challenge : Manage Change Within Your Teams

Implementing a successful plan for change relies mainly on the ability to get teams’ buy-in and to give them the means to change over time. The change management is too often neglected. It requires special attention and must be anticipated and made to fit the challenge the company is facing, but also the corporate culture and its ability to mobilize. It also greatly determines the roll-out strategy and speed.

Our Solution : Conduct the Impact Study and Build a Plan for Change

We map the impact of the target situation for all concerned employees. This makes it possible for us to specifically identify what will change for each group, to anticipate risks and to build a customized roll-out and change management plan. We define the speed, the phases and the sequencing of the deployment. We elaborate a communication plan and a training plan that will lead to a successful roll-out.


Your Challenge : Develop skills

Defining and creating the necessary skillset is crucial to supporting change and giving teams the means to succeed. It is also necessary to elaborate and deploy appropriate training and coaching sessions for each group of people in order to make sure they use the appropriate methods and proper tools to sustain the actions.

Our Solution : Implement Training, Coaching and Knowledge Transfer Programs

We identify the training/coaching needs for each target group. We develop necessary training sessions relating to new practices and processes. We conduct collective training sessions coupled with individual coaching in order to make sure the teams have fully assimilated the new methods. Finally, we make sure the tools developed during the project have been properly transferred, along with the training of the employees.


Your Challenge : Strengthen Cooperation Between Functions

The main levers that create value are often located at the interfaces between functions that still frequently work in silos. Strengthening the cross functional cooperation is crucial when it comes to obtaining ambitious results and optimizing processes. Beyond that, it is necessary to instill a cooperative mindset within the company.

Our Solution : Communicate the Project and Make Sure the Teams Are Engaged and Valued

We encourage the creation of cross functional teams in our projects. We carefully take into consideration the expectations and constraints of each department. We give special attention to communicating the project goals and methodologies. This makes it possible to guarantee commitment to a common goal and to give meaning to its action. The project is therefore also a vector for breaking down barriers between different departments and mobilizing them to enhance performance.