Our Clients vs. The Rest of the World?

KEPLER has initiated its transformation and today takes all stakeholders into account in its development criteria. Between our customers and the rest of the world, are we forced to choose? To this question we have decided to opt for an inclusive response. Because no one evolves outside the conventions and realities of this world, our firm is committed to improving its practices, both internally and the world in which it operates.

A Framework for a Sustainable Activity

1 / A Measured Ecological Footprint and Compensated Activity

2 / Rational Mobility and the Most Virtuous Possible

3 / Support for Associations for a Fairer World

4 / Digital Sobriety

5 / Inclusion

A Course for Our Employees

1 / Sharing knowledge at the Heart of Our Businesses

2 / The Career Path: A Continuous Progression Program

3 / Accountability as a Cardinal Virtue

4 / Work Organization for Everyone’s Comfort

5 / Free Involvement in the Structuring Projects of the Company

CSR at the Heart of Our Thinking for Our Customers