Youssef - Consultant <br />
at Kepler since 2017
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Youssef - Consultant
at Kepler since 2017


Each year, a 4-day seminar abroad

Malta, Ibiza, Barcelona, Lapland … each year the firm organizes an event which allows all of our offices around the world to come together and enrich life at KEPLER together.

Update 2021: Due to restrictions in place, this protocol is currently suspended.

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Joe Awad, Director

Loic - Senior Consultant
Member of the Recruitment Task-Force

KEPLER is a Boutique Consulting firm, smaller but I would certainly say that we "box way above our weight-class" in terms of the types of engagements as well as the scope of our missions, 60% of which are global.
Pete Negohosian, Senior Manager