KEPLER, the multi-specialist consultancy firm KEPLER extends its consulting offer with a new People practice
News Stories, Statement 2 Oct. 2023

KEPLER, the multi-specialist consultancy firm KEPLER extends its consulting offer with a new People practice

KEPLER, a French multi-specialist consulting firm that focuses on end-to-end performance, is widening its offer and developing a new People practice to help clients and their teams achieve their ambitions and succeed in making lasting changes.

Companies today operate in an ever more complex climate, where business, environmental, social and welfare issues interact and where the individual, their relations with others and team performance occupy a decisive place.

At KEPLER, we are redesigning our methods of analysis and support for these strategic assets of companies – beyond human assets – to help our clients succeed in their mission” says Sébastien Grilli, Partner at KEPLER.

The new practice supplements the firm’s five areas of expertise that are already recognized in the market: Supply chain, Procurement, Operations, Innovation and Marketing & Sales.

The People practice will reinforce the existing services of KEPLER by bringing in the human and people management dimensions that are inherent to all projects for change, transformation, and innovation.

This new area of expertise confirms the multi-specialist position of the firm, which strives to boost performance by providing customers with relevant transverse support using levers that drive hard and soft skills alike. Our support is intended for human resources, and operational departments and the middle management of our clients.” adds Sébastien Grilli.

The People practice of KEPLER is supported by five pillars:


HR professionals

Finding the right balance between operating and exploration for HR professionals

We help HR teams to optimize their processes and tools – operating – to free up time and allow them to play their role as human resources leaders to serve their company’s vision and projects for driving organizational change – exploration.



Helping the emergence of living organizations that can adapt to continuous change, particularly in the way in which they address working environment issues

“The need to take account of the idea of an “extended” company, and to cover working environment issues is felt very strongly by our clients, says Stéphane Tröger, Associate Director at KEPLER. We endeavor to address these emerging needs”.

  • Designing adaptable organizations and working environments that are in step with their wider environment and requirements (agile culture, governance models etc.)
  • Redefining workspaces and methods around workers’ practices and links between teams

Career path and experience

Creating adjusted, attractive, and appealing paths for candidates and employees

Enabling organizations to create their brands as employers and develop the experience of candidates and employees to attract, recruit, develop and retain talents.



Giving people the desire to learn in order to create an environment that is favorable to employee upskilling

Making upskilling a lever for transforming the company and promoting commitment: setting up in-house training systems, devising upskilling plans, designing and coordinating training.


Relational dynamics

Leveraging interpersonal relations to drive managerial changes and performance

Creating a framework with shared references, codes, and language, developing collaborative momentum to turn the many interactions within the company into as many levers for making employees committed to high performance.

Some 10 consultants are available to work on these issues in France and elsewhere in the new practice.

“Capitalizing on the two strategic assets of the company, namely individuals and relationships, is an essential element of our approach.
Our assignments are carried out in synergy with one or more other practices of the firm. Our teams of consultants can work on the managerial transformation of a company in line with its new vision, just as our People expertise can support a lean management for a supply chain assignment”.
Sébastien Grilli, Partner


KEPLER is a French multi-specialist consulting firm that focuses on end-to-end performance.

The firm is organized by market and deploys a multidisciplinary approach to address the particularities of each industry.

For over 15 years, KEPLER has been using a unique end-to-end support approach that extends from the client’s need up to satisfaction, combining strategic vision and operational implementation. It is divided into six practices that work hand in hand with each other: Supply chain, Purchasing, Operations, Innovation and Marketing & Sales.

KEPLER was founded in 2007 and now counts close to 90 employees in four offices (Paris, Chennai, Shanghai, and Chicago) and a partner network in over 15 countries.

KEPLER works essentially in industry (automotive, railways, aviation, consumer goods), food, energy, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, luxury goods and retailing.

With its result-oriented field approach, KEPLER addresses the needs of large French corporations and those in the English-speaking world, and mid-sized companies and investment funds.

According to the Forbes 2023 list, KEPLER was among the best global consulting firms for the second year running.

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