IS, Digital & Data – Power Your Business

3 pillars to support and accelerate your Business ambitions:

  • Digitizing your company (processes, customer and employee experience, contact points)

  • Securing and maximizing the use of your data

  • Transforming your Information Systems (IS) 

Business performance is at stake in a context of accumulation and acceleration of major transformations

Technological breakthroughs

  • Future technological breakthroughs (Artificial Intelligence such as ChatGPT, Metaverse, quantum computing, etc.) to be managed in parallel with internal and societal resistance to hyper-technologization


  • The COVID crisis has generated an explosion in the use of remote connected machines, of VPNs, and of remote meetings, generating new forms of work and new expectations

  • An increasingly connected and interconnected world, therefore more vulnerable to cyberattacks

(Cyber) Security

  • An ubiquitous recommendation at all levels: native application security, employee practices, and good habits, technological and “material” barriers


  • A geopolitical crisis urging toward sovereignty and independence


  • Teams all over the world, generating heterogeneous systems to interconnect and the need to provide the same working environments (Cloud)

  • A supremacy of GAFAM (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft) and BATX (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Xiaomi) weighing in the negotiations

Relationship to work and Employees commitment

  • A change of perspective, new expectations with profound changes in working and collaboration methods and environment


  • Digital is a lever to reduce the environmental footprint of companies but must also apply it to itself (Green IT)

  • Sovereignty and environmental criteria influencing investment choices

IS, Digital & Data: 3 enablers of your performance and business challenges

  • Efficiency gains and Business Lines resilience

  • Identifying new business opportunities and contributing to innovation around new services

  • Continuous improvement, and even reinvention (new interfaces, interactions, and ways of working)

  • Developing and expanding direct interactions with customers and users (including self-care, 360° vision)

  • Working on customer support and employee engagement

  • Better control and anticipation of the risks and compliance with regulatory and environmental requirements

… each with their own challenges


The performance of Information Systems

  • Excellence in the management and execution of IS transformation projects

  • Operational safety and control of cybersecurity and compliance

  • IS urbanization: coexistence of layers (IS, Digital & Data, and modular approach)


Digital to serve an enhanced user experience and reinvented routes

  • Improving internal (employees) and external (customers, suppliers, partners) user experience and simplifying interactions

  • Digitizing the various business lines, optimizing careers, and modernizing experiences/interfaces

  • Adopting new practices


Data as a strategic asset

  • Data quality and accessibility

  • Data governance (including strengthening processes, roles, and responsibilities)

  • Operational choice to serve efficiency and business development

…and new paradigms and fundamentals

  • “IS, Digital & Data functions” must be operated as a true “Business Partner”, beyond a cost center

  • …and integrated into a new “business-IT” mode of co-action with project practices adapted to the objectives, for an increased value creation

To frame and truly achieve the expected objectives, you have to know how to combine the levers (IS, Digital & Data), to build and sustain, with the best balance of pragmatism, realism, simplification, fair cost, mobilization, execution and agility.

Vincent Marcadé, Partner


The KEPLER cross-functional value proposition, supporting the business know-how of our various practices


IS Transformation Project Management and Performance

Supporting you in your IS transformation projects and in mastering the project plan:

  • Delivering a project: from framing to results

  • Taking over impaired projects

  • Acting as a PMO/TMO

  • Setting up project plan management and proactive management of the project portfolio (PPM)

  • Selecting and supporting with the appropriate project method

  • Conducting an IS/Digital Target Network

  • Urbanizing the IS (definition of architecture: business/process, functional & application)


Digitizing your Business Lines

Supporting you in the digitization of your business lines:

  • Analyzing the impacts of major technological trends on your business lines for your sector

  • Identifying the business processes to be digitized and selecting the solution (benchmark, POC, etc.)

  • Optimizing employees and customers experience

  • Cross-business lines maturity auditing crossed with cross-sector benchmark elements

  • Deploying on a “scale-up” enterprise scale


Maximized use of Data

Supporting you in the use of data for the efficiency of the company and new businesses:

  • Identifying the data required to serve my Business Lines ambition and Construction of ad hoc solutions (POC if necessary)

  • Auditing the maturity of current data (quality, availability, traceability, regulatory, etc.)

  • Completing the required data gap vs. maturity of the current data and implementing the necessary governance, roles, and responsibilities

  • Implementing and Running: management, storage, processing, operation (SME/ETI)


New Work Environments

Supporting you in the construction and deployment of new working methods and environments for employees (imagining/adapting the tools and means available)


Change Management and Adoption of Best Practices

Supporting you:

  • in the definition of the change strategy and the associated action plan, implementation of support levers (eg: onboarding system, Ambassadors/influencers, Digital Adoption Platform, etc.)

  • in the deployment of good operational security practices (e.g. business continuity plan, disaster recovery plan, monitoring of certifications, etc.) and cybersecurity (training on uses)


Organizational Models and Impacts

Supporting you in the definition of new work and collaboration patterns (eg: IT/Business relationship; cross-business, new roles, etc.) and the evolution of organizations and skills (IS Management vs. Digital Transformation vs. Data Officer) related to your IS, Digital & Data transformations

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