Webinar : Turbo-Charging Cost Savings Utilizing Machine Learning

The Easy-Kost Solution

EasyKost is a publisher of cost estimation and modeling software based on artificial intelligence algorithms. Capable of generating predictive models from random forests, EasyKost is a leading tool both for helping to develop new products and for calculating savings.

A Webinar on Artificial Intelligence applied to Costing

During a Webinar held on June 4th, 2020, KEPLER and EasyKost presented Machine Learning technology applied to modeling and cost optimization. This presentation was an opportunity to recall the main principles of AI, present the Methodology used and illustrate the point with a client case.

EasyKost Booster: the power of analysis combined with the consulting strengths

Convinced of the relevance of this new technology, KEPLER and EasyKost have developed an innovative approach exploiting the computing power of costing software to quickly identify and capture purchasing gains within the main categories (direct and indirect). Artificial intelligence algorithms applied to customer data help identify and maximize savings opportunities through supplier renegotiation, volume reallocation or technical standardization / optimization.

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