Our client, a large hotel distribution group, is experiencing saturation of its logistics platform following the takeover of one of its subsidiaries. KEPLER offers an upgrade of its main warehouse, meant to absorb a substantial flows increase.


A european leader in the distribution of equipment to hotel and restaurant professionals acquires one of its subsidiaries.

  • A platform bringing together more than 7000 active product references stored and delivered on the French and Swiss markets
  • A new countermark flow (references not stored) that is non-standard and not mastered, represents an increase in received lines that are poorly managed
  • A service rate, unmeasured and questioned by newly integrated customers
  • A saturated platform that:
    – does not allow the countermark flow to be absorbed
    – creates tensions within logistics teams


  • Absorb an expected 40% warehouse load increase
A fieldwork and pragmatic approach also integrating internal logistics customers has made it possible to implement solutions that improve field productivity without disrupting other departments.
Edouard Alquié, Director - Leader Practice Operations

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