• A group meeting high growth objectives:
    • Doubling of sales in 5 years
    • Expansion of the Group’s business areas
    • Multiplication of the number of references
  • A central warehouse located in France which distributes four regional warehouses – China, Germany, Russia, Brazil – around twenty major accounts: car and motorcycle manufacturers and national distributors.
  • Two production sites in Europe
  • Insufficient quality of service from the Supply Chain – failure rate, delays, overstocks – which slows down the Group’s growth​


Securing the Group’s growth and Footprint.

Methodological Approach

  • Diagnosis of Supply Chain practices and processes including SAP configuration
  • Process redesign from Forecast to Delivery Plan (S & Op)
  • Review of the References management / animation process (creation, promotions, etc.)
  • Overhaul of product classifications (A, B, C) and management (thresholds, regional stocks)
  • Formalization of a Global Process Book and business support


  • -10% of stock levels
  • -35% of semi-finished product shortages
  • -18% of end product breaks
  • Improved quality of consolidated forecasts: 45%> 71%


Duration of the assignment: 3 months



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