• Several Research and Development professions present on the same R&D site
  • A multitude of stocks of consumables and spare parts without any traceability on the site
  • A significant Turnover posing a difficulty in perpetuating good practices
  • A globally unsuitable logistics organization


Set up a logistics function allowing:

  • Inventory optimization
  • Setting up localization
  • Consumables management

Methodological approach

  • Site logistics diagnosis: physical flows, information flows, stocks and consumables
  • Design of the target logistics organization: management of flows, stocks and consumables
  • Selection and deployment of a traceability tool
  • Training of key users and users of the tool
  • Conduct of a 5S project for stock optimization
  • Launch of pilots to test the new logistics organization


  • -60% of stored parts
  • 1 internal and 1 external stock of differentiated parts
  • 2 stocks / stores of consumables maximum
  • Identification and location of 100% of the parts

Duration of the assignment: 6 months

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