Our client, a major player of the agricultural machinery manufacturing industry, wants to nourish a 5-year industrial vision. 

KEPLER brings support in defining an industrial network design, that will enable the organization to respond to a strong growth expected over the coming years. 


  • A group with many subsidiaries and distributors. production sites are scattered all over Europe. 

  • A seasonality of demand that challenges production management 

  • An industrial tool saturated and not scalable. Adaptation required due to a 50%+ expected growth over the next 5 years 


Category: Meeting Customers Expectations 

Defining the industrial footprint of the future and the roadmap that will satisfy demand while optimizing CAPEX & OPEX 

Management alignment, i.e. all the key functions (General Management, Finance, Industry, Business Unit, Sales) on objectives and decision-making process is absolutely essential in this type of exercise, risking the endangering the proper implementation of the roadmap. Another benefit: identifying areas of progress at the different sites, in particular with the maturity of continuous improvement initiatives, make or buy policies and of course good cost control (and calculation!) and synergies to implement.
Edouard Alquié, Director - Operations Practice Leader

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