10 key trends to understand Supply Chain Management

In few years only, Supply Chain Management became one of the trendiest topics for organizations facing globalized markets. But in parallel, it also remained one of the foggiest topics for managers at every level. Sticking to logistics origins, we could stand our ground on initial Supply Chain Management definition (a system reaching all processes, flows and resources needed to deliver the right product/service at the right place, in the right timing, with the right quality, quantity and cost). But I think the best way for Managers to keep an up to date vision is to have a clear understanding of the main trends shaping business environment. Through this exercise, we clearly see how the essence of Supply Chain Management (systemic approach, vision sharing, animation principles…) is essential to face all challenges emerging.


#1 Value chain schemes involve a growing complexity for business Management

#2 Needs for Flexibility, Reactivity and Coordination make older models obsolete

#3 Technological revolution acts as a trend amplifier


#4 Operational Excellence forms a powerful approach for transformation plan set up

#5 Fully aligned business models are on top of best practices

#6 Refocus on green supply chain should/ may occur soon


#7 Control of information/ data is vital

#8 Manager behaviors drive team understanding and involvement

#9 Misalignment of skill market and business needs is impacting organization design

#10 Today's Supply Chain truth will not be applicable tomorrow